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Real-Time Data = Real-Time Solutions

We have built a platform with a proven track record of saving time, money and lives, so that you can sleep better at night knowing you are running the most efficient and effective organization possible. The platform is completely customizable to capture the critical data that affects your bottom line, security or any performance metric. The possibilities are endless. With our technology, your organization can create and deliver a targeted report to C-level execs or send and receive company-wide alerts.


Explore how our enterprise solution can be used across your organization:

  • Report theft
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Report my hours
  • Report location
  • Report equipment failure
  • Report a safety concern
  • Report a maintenance request
  • Report a hazardous situation
  • Report a sales opportunity
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Capture marketing content
  • Recommend cost savings
  • Send messages to employees
  • Fleet management